Airbrushathens started as an idea. An idea that was materialised in 2002 by Lefteris Manthos and his passion for airbrushing and pin striping on motorcycles, cars and anything that could be used as his canvas. In 2013, Airbrushathens moved to London, UK and that is when "Airbrushathens London" was born.

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I airbrush, I pinstripe, I create ...


Airbrush ...

... is that great instrument which I use for painting and designing whatever you can imagine, from your motorcycle or car, to your helmet, bike, jacket, t-shirt or even a large canvas (e.g. your wall).


Pinstriping ... an amazing decorative art of a very thin line of paint made by a pinstriping brush, used for lettering, free-hand designing and graphics.


Creations ...

... and transformations of surfaces, like wood and plaster, with marbling and gold leafing - gilding.

Awesome custom art work.



In this Gallery you can see Replica Racing Helmets and Special Designs.



In this Gallery, Airbrush Art becomes alive on your Car or any of its parts.



Airbrush Art Which You can wear.

Wall murals

Wall murals

With wall murals you have the ability to decorate large surfaces like a room or your company wall.

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